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Passive Sensors for Advanced Air Mobility Market Development

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Date de Parution: 2022-09-20, Sensata Technologies/Airpax
    Sensata Technologies has developed a new fly-by-wire sensor for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and has provided prototypes to several advanced air mobility manufacturers. The company combines its world-class expertise in position sensors, multi-axis controllers and other cockpit controls to provide sensor solutions that meet stringent safety and reliability design requirements for airworthiness certification, ideal for advanced air mobility, Urban air mobility, trainers and other electric aircraft applications.

     Sensata's passive sensors are designed with one, two or three axes of motion, each axis utilizing at least three rvdts for precise position output. A passive sensor is a cockpit control through which input from the pilot is collected and transmitted to the actuators via the fly-by-wire system on the vehicle. The susceptor usually uses a position sensor like an rvdt (rotating variable differential transformer) to give the actual position of the susceptor rod and output to the flight control system.

     The most common use of a triaxial sensor is to control the pitch, roll, and yaw of a vehicle, and to provide self-centering and independent customization of the operating force of each axis. The grips of the pilot interface can be customized to the operational needs of each vehicle, including integrated switch functions.

      Sensata's decades of expertise in aerospace, combined with our broad range of sensing and power solutions, enable us to electrify and make Sensata a leading provider of advanced air mobility. We are excited to be part of the transformation of the industry as we work with innovative companies to develop solutions for new electric aircraft," explained Stuart Parker, general manager of aviation at Sensata Technologies.

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