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Tendances de l'industrie

Les dernières données sur les tendances du secteur sont désormais disponibles

When memory chips coincide with the development of smart cars

publier sur mai 8, 2023
Where there is data, there is storage. As we all know, semiconductor memory has the characteristics of small size and fast storage speed, which can be widely used in server, PC, smart phone, automobile, Internet of things, mobile storage and other fields.

Component sales sentiment declined in March, and delivery time continued to shorten

publier sur avril 26, 2023
According to ECIA's latest Electronic Components Sales Trend (ECST) survey, the electronic components Sales Trend index surged in February, but cooled in March. In the February survey, respondents had expected sales sentiment to improve in March. However, the actual result in March was a 2-point drop in overall sentiment to 88.6

Semiconductor investment slowed down, equipment engineering plant operation growth is feared to stall

publier sur avril 20, 2023
With the continuous development of global economy, semiconductor industry has become one of the key points of economic competition. However, in recent years, the investment in the semiconductor industry has slowed down, and the operation of equipment engineering plants is feared to be stagnant, which has aroused people's concern. This article will analyze the reasons for the slowdown in semiconductor industry investment from a variety of perspectives, and explore the possible challenges facing the operation of equipment engineering plants.

The automotive chip market is recovering strongly

publier sur avril 17, 2023
A recovery in the car market will boost revenues for European chipmakers this year. Automakers are scrambling to source the most efficient parts for their passenger cars as they push to electrify vehicles.

Why has chip supply been so slow to rebound?

publier sur mars 11, 2023
Not only did the global semiconductor supply chain slow ahead of the pandemic, but volatile markets further exacerbated these problems. The most important factor contributing to the delay is the limited supply of semiconductors, materials and related components.

Global IT spending is expected to grow by 2.4% in 2023

publier sur février 6, 2023
According to Gartner's latest forecast, global IT spending is expected to reach $4.5 trillion in 2023, up 2.4 percent from 2022. That was down from the 5.1 per cent growth forecast in the previous quarter. While inflation continues to erode consumer purchasing power and depress budget spending, overall corporate IT spending is expected to remain strong

Automotive chips will still be in short supply, and delivery of some power semiconductors will be extended to 39 to 64 weeks

publier sur janvier 7, 2023
Dennis Laudick, vice president of automotive go-to-market strategy at Arm, said support for electric vehicles, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems; Automotive electronics, such as ADAS and in-car entertainment, are growing faster than other sectors such as smartphones and data centers.

MCU spot price rebound in December

publier sur décembre 27, 2022
According to Taiwan media reports, the US department of foreign investment issued the latest report pointed out that MCU spot price in December appeared a small rebound. With the trough reached in November, inventory dropped to the normal level, mega easy innovation 32 bit MCU pricing rebound. While demand is likely to remain weak in the recent past, the reopening of the mainland market and normal inventories could set the stage for a recovery in the second half of next year.

The semiconductor materials market is expected to grow 8% to $66 billion in 2022, but may decline next year

publier sur décembre 15, 2022
Strong demand for semiconductor materials, combined with strong sales of materials such as CMP abrasive pads and specialty gases, has led research firm TECHCET to estimate the market will exceed $66 billion this year, up 8% from last year. Looking ahead to next year, sales are likely to falter due to the many challenges facing the global economy.

Memory chips down 17% year-over-year? The semiconductor market is expected to shrink by 4.1 percent to 557 billion dollars next year

publier sur décembre 6, 2022
The global semiconductor market is expected to shrink by 4.1 percent to $557 billion in 2023 due to the sharp freeze in the memory chip market, according to the latest forecast released by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Association (WSTS). It is the first time since 2019 that the global semiconductor market will decline in four years.