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150ma low noise, low drop regulator

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Date de Parution: 2023-01-07, Vishay Dale

The SiP21106 BiCMOS 150 mA Low Noise LDO voltage regulator is perfect for low battery powered low power applications. Ultra-low ground current at 150 mA load and low voltage at 135 mV help extend battery life in portable electronics. Systems requiring a quiet voltage source, such as RF applications, will benefit from SiP21106's low output noise.

Typical application circuit


SiP21107 does not require a noise bypass capacitor and provides an error flag pin (POK or Power OK). The POK output requires an external pull-up resistor, which becomes low when the supply does not reach the voltage. The output of SiP21108 is adjusted through an external resistor network. SiP21106, SiP21107, SiP21108 Voltage regulators allow very small ceramic output capacitors to operate stably, reducing board space and component costs.

Lead structure


They are designed to maintain regulation while providing 330 mA peak current on. An active pull-down circuit improves output transient response and regulation during startup. In shutdown mode, the output by 100  NMOS automatic discharge to the ground. SiP21106, SiP21107, and SiP21108 are packaged in TSOT23-5L ultra-thin lead-free (Pb) TSC75-6L and SC70-5L to operate in the industrial operating range (-40 °C to 85°C).

Time wave pattern


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